Friday, January 18, 2019

Beauty in lighting

I seriously have to change the lighting in my house. It's ugly. I've been looking at lighting from Circa  and here are my picks.

I love this flush mount for hallways. Doesn't everyone need to with out they're lighting "boobs" with something prettier?

I also need something for the eat-in area of my kitchen. The lights when we moved in were nickel finish with a shade and, get this, a nickel finish CAGE over them. They were ridiculous. My husband removed the cages and now we have just shades  but I think the sizes are wrong for the space.

They look like this but they are tiny. I might like a large one like this,

or may be this.
My husband hates to see the bulb so I have to be careful what I choose.

I would love this flush mount for a bathroom or even my bedroom.

We also have a wall sconce on the stairway that is hideous. I'd be happy to replace it with a simple sconce like this.

But in truth I would like something with a little whimsy.

This sconce would work on the stairs nicely.

Do you spend time thinking about lighting like I do?

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