Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Virtual studio visit

I am all unpacked and hard at work in my studio. Actually, I have only had limited hours since school is not in session but my daughter has participated in two fun kid's camps here at Redux.
If you follow me on Instagram this is nothing new but the blog allows a bit more narrative.

I had to wait for a few items to be shipped to me to really get organized.

The long wall in the video will mainly be hung gallery style with a finished series. 

This short wall, behind my easel, is my main work space.  The opposite wall has shelves from the previous occupant and my desk area, which is not especially visually interesting.
The series if work hung on the gallery wall is inspired by spring and summer flora. I am working on figure studies on linen and a new canvas series. It will be edgier, rougher and less feminine like the two below.

I've got a long way to go with this series though.

Also coming later this week are my neckties, clutches and change purses. It began with my desire to have a tie made from a Spoonflower printed fabric for my husband. I used Small Batch Boutique on Etsy and it turned into a larger project. I will be adding these to my website in the next few days.

Tons going on including another possible move (from our horrible rental, hence the lack of interior pictures) but I will let you know more in the future.


My Notting Hill said...

Always love your work but it's also fun to see how your newer pieces are different! Love the clutches.

Re: your experience w/your quartz, in the end we chose Calacatta Latte marble. Fell in love w/the look and is it waaay less expensive. I had thought the quartz would be stain proof (we've had a great experience w/our old corian) but once I found out more about its downsides I definitely didn't want to pay premium for it.

Elizabeth Day said...

Loved seeing inside your creative work space and get a glimpse at where the new beautiful works will take place.

LPC said...

So fun!