Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thoughts on displaying art

In looking at the many varied images that display art in ways that I find pleasing I began to notice my own favorites. I am talking about more than just hung on a wall versus tabletop or bookshelf display. I have been thinking about the particular details that make up the context for display of two-dimensional art.
I'll show you a few examples and share my personal tastes along the way.

In the first photo the art work is propped on a mantel and layered. It also is an asymmetrical  assemble of art and objects framed by a symmetrical collection of objects.
I find it quite pleasing but in my own home might feel as though something were missing in this over-mantle arrangement.

This layered asymmetrical art arrangement seems to ground the work on the wall above and the work above seems to call attention to the collection below.
This is, to me, is perfection.

I could be persuaded to prop a piece in front of a mirror as Miles Redd has done here.

Propping paintings on the floor is evocative of an artists studio and is a common site in my own house. A house full of rambunctious kids may not be ideal for this type of display but its awfully romantic in a bohemian kind of way.

The idea of grouping a piece of art with another collection based on color, era and other similarities is intriguing to me although I might choose differently than this example.

Gallery walls and salon style installations are big buzzwords these day but nothing new. I particularly enjoy them when there is a theme of sorts.
Figures, caricatures and portraits are my favorites to group as you will see in the next two examples from my house.

a corner of my dining room
My college aged son's room

The choice whether to display art collections vertically or horizontally is a matter of taste and context in the space.

The Pink Pagoda

 A horizontal installation can bring life to a wall that is too wide to hold one work with any impact. My favorites either way include more than two.

I love vertically hung pieces on a narrow wall.
I have my own hang-ups (pun intended) about displaying art. 
Do you have rules that you adhere to?
What is your favorite way to display art?


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I love the Victorian crumpled up busy full wall look and then the flip side is when there is just one piece. Anything in between is so hard and you do need help otherwise it looks so wonky.

designchic said...

When it's you art, Kerry, we love hanging it anywhere!! Just love a gallery wall and your son's room is amazing - can't imagine getting those all hung!! The last image with the vertical hanging…perfection ~

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Great post! You put words to what I keep seeing in the images. I keep thinking "I like that" but haven't thought much deeper about it, like trying to identify "what" I like about it. Now I will!

An Urban Cottage said...

I love the mantel setup in the first photo. Art mixed with other objects provides a lot of interest.

I just bought an antique book of 66 silhouettes. What should I do with them?

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Great post Kerry and marvelous examples. I love the examples in your home the best! Have a great weekend! xo Nancy

Kim said...

I love these examples ... I have tv's over every mantel. I am married to this!! I can only dream of a beautiful mantel! I love the layered look ... and have had to find other places to emulate this in my home! xo

Andrea said...

Such a timely post! I have been trying to create a gallery wall in our family room, but I think I am more of a grid girl.... and in need of some of your work and The Pink Pagoda's giclees! :)

The Glam Pad

Vel Criste said...

Great Examples Kerry! I definitely like layering, and gallery wall in a haphazard fashion is something I just recently jumped on too. My most favorite is hanging them horizontally in a row, that's the O-C in me talking though. :-)

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

I'm all for artwork displayed ALL over the place...on walls, on mantels, right atop mirrors (my FAVE trick). Love the way they instantly add interest to personalize space. That gallery wall with the vintage portraits is INSANE!!! So beautifully curated with such a rich history...fabulous inspiration!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Evan ChengChos said...
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kate@willowinteriors said...

That gallery wall in your son's room is still one of my favorites! Love a funky gallery wall and I also have some random pieces leaning and layered...

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That first image is one of my very favorites.