Sunday, December 29, 2013

I love my house

As a fellow design junkie, I am sure you understand the desire to make your home magazine worthy in some way. Whether its Lonny or Traditional Home you aspire to that drive towards perfection is always needling us.

Many of us carefully stage and crop our photos leaving only the best bits in view.
Oh this is not a bragging post. Let me tell you why I have such a renewed affection for my own house.

A few days before Christmas my 18 year old son came down with something and spent the holiday emerging from his room only briefly for tea and and present opening.
The day after Christmas my little one seemed sick and miserable and my husband and I weren't feeling too hot. Not being the sort to let a little head cold stop us we set off on our planned trip to Pennsylvania. By the time we got there it was all we could do to lie down at my mother in-laws house. This was no joke it was the flu. We didn't stay long and since my husband was the sickest, I ran around for over the counter meds and tissues. He and my little girl were sporting fevers around 102.
That night it hit me hard and the next day I opted to stay in the hotel room. It was awful for my husband to drag himself out of there and they simply moved to the couch at his mother's house.
You would think that staying in the hotel was a smart move but when I am sick at home I think nothing of wandering to the kitchen for some tea or a glass of water looking like a feral cat in PJs but in a hotel...not so much.
As I lay there, writhing, I all I could think was how badly I wished I was at home.
 Although we are much better now, after another miserable five hour drive we arrived home and could not stop talking about how great it was to be home at our house.
So for all its lackluster flooring and builder grade fixtures...I love my house!
Love your house. Its the only place to be when you feel bad


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I am so sorry you were all so sick. It's amazing how wonderful and welcoming our own home can be when we have been away and more so when we have been away and ill!
Next week it will all be a faint memory and you will be on to great things!

The Pink Pagoda said...

Eeeew. So sorry to hear you all have been sick. Virginia had something nasty that I finally caught and I cannot imagine not being at home feeling so bad. Glad you are back home where you can completely relax! I hope you're all feeling tip top very soon!

An Urban Cottage said...

What a drag. I can't even imagine. Feel better soon.

Raina Cox said...

Holy cow! I'm glad you're back in your own beautiful bed.

Here's to a healthier New Year's holiday!

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Glad you're feeling better! Home is where the heart is... and your own bed! Nothing like it!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

and thats exactly why we work so hard to make our homes comfortable! So sorry to hear you spent the holidays sick - my family was sick as well but I was lucky and came out ok! That just meant I was stuck taking care of everyone though -haha.

home before dark said...

My husband and I both came down with colds—not the flu—just the mind numbing cold mess and spent the holidays in our jambes. So glad we didn't have to travel to feel this bad. Glad you and yours are back in your beautiful home and are on the mend.

Tabitha said...

Look at that bombe chest, i love it so much and your artwork is stunning, I really think that art makes a home, must source something from you one day.

Tabitha said...

PS Being sick away from home is the pits.

Tabitha said...

PS Being sick away from home is the pits.

Windlost said...

Sounds awful and I am glad you are all recovering. I know precisely what you mean. David got a serious stomach flu on a west coast trip in October and although we were holed up at a lovely resort for almost a week longer than planned (which cost us another $1500), all he wanted was to be home in his own bed. And we did not even know if he would be able to fly - he was nauseous and so ill for days.
Your house is lovely and I think the best thing we can do is love our homes for what they are. I appreciate so many details of my (rather ugly) 1973 builder home. I love the light, the landscaping of our yard, our open views because of the siting, and many features of the rooms - quiet, overlooking the garden, overlooking a good tree for the birdfeeder, kitchen and bedrooms on the "cool" side, and even the rooms themselves have some nice qualities. Although an outsider would judge it lacking, I know it is a good space and has good light and suits us well for now.

And you know, I follow the blog of a woman in Atlanta who could not wait to have a home in the most posh neighborgood there and now that she has it, I still read a wistfulness and complainingness in her blog. We must appreciate what we have as even some of those who have it all seem to want more. :)

xo Terri

Vel Criste said...

Amen to that Kerry! I'm glad you all are feeling better. Us too, although having spent more than a week in beautiful beach of Cancun and Miami, by the middle of the week, we all just wanted to go home.. my son said it best, "this is great mom, but I miss Marion, i miss my room and bed". :-)

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

So glad you all are feeling better. Your home has gone through quite a transformation this year and looks beautiful. Happy New Year, Kerry. Wishing you health, success and happiness.
xo Nancy

laura Madalene said...

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